Working with Ofcom for PMSE

Clearing the 700 MHz band

Ofcom 700 MHz Clearance

Ofcom has decided to make the 700 MHz band (694 to 790 MHz) available for mobile data services. This will allow mobile networks to provide better performance at a lower cost, which will bring considerable benefits to UK citizens and consumers.
To clear the 700 MHz band for new mobile data services, PMSE users (Programme Making and Special Events) will cease to have access to the 703 to 790 MHz band from 1 May 2020 – 18 months earlier than previously indicated.
The UK Government has decided to fund a grant scheme to support PMSE equipment owners that have to vacate the 700 MHz band earlier than expected. Ofcom has appointed Equiniti to administer the funding scheme.
PMSE users will continue to have access to the band 694 to 703 MHz beyond May 2020, but funding will be available for eligible equipment that operate in this spectrum.